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Unique Containers For Cremation Services

While cremation services in Urbandale, IA occur the same way every time, they are unique each time as well. They happen with different individuals and that is enough to make them special each time they occur. Even the most basic cremation package will come with a simple container for your loved one’s remains, but many families like to get an urn for their loved one to make the process more special or so that urn can function in different ways. While urns suffice and work well, there are also unique things you can put your loved one’s remains in to make things feel even more special. Here are a few options to consider.

Container for Cremation Ashes Ideas

There are many different types of containers that can be used for cremation ashes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Urn
  • Scattering tube
  • Biodegradable urn
  • Keepsake jewelry
  • Cremation bead
  • Cremation necklace
  • Cremation pendant
  • Cremation ring
  • Cremation bracelet
  • Cremation keychain

Wind Chimes

If your loved one adored being outside, putting their remains in a wind chime that hands on your deck can be a nice way to go. You think of them every time the breeze blows across the deck and the wind chimes hit one another and play their melodic sound.

A Plant Pot

If your loved one adored flowers, plants, and other greenery, putting their ashes in the base of a pot and then planting something above it can be a nice memorial to them. You will think of them as you enjoy the new life that grows from the pot.

Cremation Jewelry

You might want to keep your loved one as close as possible in any way you can, and that could mean cremation jewelry is a good fit for you. You can place a small bit of your loved one’s remains inside the cremation jewelry piece and wear them close to your heart.


Ornaments often have a space inside them and you could place remains in those as well. You can give one to each family member to hang on their tree, or you can find a special place in your home to display the ornament year round.

Stuffed Animals

There are special stuffed animals that have urns in them or, you can place a small urn in any animal you choose. It can be a sweet way to keep your loved one close and it can give you something to hug when you miss them.

Cookie Jar

Some people are good at baking and if that sounds like your loved one, placing them in a cookie jar can feel like a good way to go. They can be situated on the top of your cabinets in the kitchen where they oversee anything you create in there yourself.

A Musical Instrument

Some musical instruments have natural places where you can place remains, like a guitar. If your loved one loved music, and perhaps a certain instrument, one like it can hold their remains and sit on display in memory of them within your home.

cremation services in Urbandale, IA

If you are having cremation services in Urbandale, IA for a loved one, you can choose a variety of places to store their remains. There are unique options as well as regular urns to consider as you move forward into the future.

Containers for cremation ashes FAQs

What do you call the container for ashes?

There are a variety of containers that can be used for cremation ashes. Urn is the most common term used to describe the container, however container, casket and coffin are also used. The container chosen is usually based on personal preference, although some states have regulations regarding the type of container that can be used.

What size container do you need for human ashes?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the container you’ll need for human ashes will depend on a number of factors.  The first thing to consider is how many ashes you’ll be dealing with – if you’re cremating a whole body, you’ll need a much larger container than if you’re just dealing with the ashes of a loved one.

What is the right thing to do with cremation ashes?

The most common thing to do is put them in an urn. The type of container you use may depend on your personal preferences or the wishes of the deceased. There are many different types of urns and containers available, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.