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Reasons For Cemetery Burials, Even After Cremation

funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA

If you decide to have traditional services with funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA, your loved one is going to be buried in a cemetery and that’s the only resting place option. With cremation, there are many other options to consider, but cremated remains can still be buried in the cemetery. Here are a few reasons you might decide that is the way to go for your situation.

To Keep Your Loved One Safe

When you bury your loved one in the cemetery, you know just where their remains are and you also know they are safe. Nothing is going to happen to their remains and you understand they are secure where they are resting. When you scatter ashes, you don’t know where they end up. If you bury them in your garden, you might be worried about something digging them up or other things that can happen. The cemetery will keep your loved one safe and secure long-term.

To Give Family A Visiting Place

It can be hard for some families to scatter a loved one and then feel as if they don’t have anywhere to visit them at that person is not really in that location any longer. When you place them in a cemetery instead, your loved ones have somewhere to go when they want to think about that person and visit with them again. It’s a nice location to honor them whenever the mood hits.

To Have A Permanent Memorial

You can erect a permanent memorial for your cremated loved one anywhere you want after their services and once they are in their resting place, wherever that may be. It’s not required to have a permanent memorial, however, and many families don’t go through with that idea. When you have a cemetery burial, they are going to have a permanent memorial in that location, whether you do something else for them in another spot or not. They will have a headstone that marks their grave and acts as a permanent memorial.

To Allow Future Generations That History

funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA

In the future, you might have other family members who want to visit your loved one and know where they are resting. Burying them in the cemetery is a permanent option and their headstone and grave will always be there. You can visit it when you want to and future generations can visit it as well and that history will be there for them to see.

If you want to have a loved one cremated with funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA, that’s an honorable, respectful way to go. Once the cremation is complete, you have no timeline on any other decisions. You can move forward with a memorial and resting place right away, or sometime in the future. Burial within a cemetery is still a valid option, and one you will want to consider with great care. Go over the other choices and see what fits your loved one and your family the best.