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Choosing A Final Outfit

funeral homes in Des Moines, IA

As you go through the details with funeral homes in Des Moines, IA, they are going to have a list of decisions for you to make. The funeral director is not going to make choices for you, but they will support whatever you decide. They will also give you all of the information you need to make the right decisions. And they will act as advisors and give you ideas and options whenever you need them. When the time comes to decide what your loved one will wear to their final service, here are some options to consider as you choose that special outfit.

Have Them Wear A Favorite

Your loved one, like the rest of us, might have had a favorite go-to outfit that they wore every chance they got. It’s what you picture them in when you think of them. It’s in many of the family pictures. It’s simply their style. That might be the perfect thing for them to wear when they have their final service. They will look just how people remember them. However, keep in mind that whatever you choose for their funeral and burial is something you can’t get back. If that favorite outfit is something you want to hold onto, you might want to consider another option.

Dress Them To The Nines

There are many people who like to dress their best for every occasion. If your loved one liked to match their clothing from head to toe, even when they were going to play tennis with a friend, then you know dressing them to the nines is the best option available to you. Choose an outfit that they would appreciate and make sure it’s stylish and perfect for this special occasion.

Give Them Comfort

Other people don’t like dressing up, but rather prefer to be comfortable in whatever they wear. You might place them in jeans, a track suit, or even pajamas. You want them to be comfortable, even if that idea sounds somewhat silly. If that is what their personality dictates and that is what you feel they would choose for themselves, then there’s nothing wrong with going that direction.

Make Them Look Like Themselves

Above everything, you want your loved one to look like themselves. They had a certain style and you want to go along with that, whether that means dressing up, being casual, or something in between. You can also have them wear certain accessories that they often wore so people recognize them. If they wore glasses, for example, they can have those on at the funeral. They can also wear their wedding ring and other such things. These items can be removed and returned to you before the burial, if you so choose.

Consider Appearances For The Event Ahead

funeral homes in Des Moines, IA

Keep in mind that your loved one is likely going to show at their visitation and funeral. You want to dress them in something that is appropriate for the event ahead of you. The professionals at funeral homes in Des Moines, IA can help with advice.