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Keepsake Jewelry—What Is It?

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When someone dies, it makes sense that people want to remember that person in certain ways. Memories are always going to be with you, but sometimes, a special item can help you to keep that memory with you and the person’s spirit alive in your life. Once you decide on cremation services in Urbandale, IA, there are a variety of ways you can honor that special person with your life. Keepsake jewelry is becoming more popular. Here are a few examples of keepsake jewelry that you could use as a memorial to your loved one.

A Piece Of Jewelry From Your Loved One’s Collection

If your loved one appreciated jewelry, they might have a nice collection of items. Or, perhaps they only had a few pieces. Whatever the case may be, you might use a piece of their jewelry as a keepsake of your own. Perhaps you take their tennis bracelet and every time you wear it, you think of them. You could repurpose their wedding ring into a necklace that you wear to signify their love of their spouse, and the rest of their family. Anything that was theirs could act as a piece of keepsake jewelry, whether you have one piece or several.

A Piece You Buy To Remember Your Loved One

Even if your loved one didn’t have much jewelry, or you want something new to remember them by, you can buy something that reminds you of them. Perhaps you get a ring with their birthstone in it, for example, or an angel pendant you place on your coat to help you remember they are always with you. Look for a piece you would enjoy wearing, but also something that reminds you of their loved one.

Cremation Jewelry Pieces

One of the most popular keepsake jewelry items is the cremation jewelry piece. There are a variety of options under this umbrella. Most cremation jewelry is shaped like a pendant, a cross, or a heart, but there are other options as well. These pieces have small urns in them so you can put a small bit of your loved one’s remains inside and wear that person close to your heart at all times. Even if you don’t wear jewelry, you could still get a piece and display it in your home so part of your loved one is within your house at all times. The cremation providers have options available and there are other vendors that can give you even wider selections.

cremation services in Urbandale, IA

Another thing you can do with remains in regards to keepsake jewelry is have some of your loved one’s remains turned into a diamond. With the right compression, you can have a diamond created and then, you can set it into a ring, earrings, a necklace, or anything else you want so you can wear it with pride.

If you want to know more about keepsake jewelry options, the professionals helping with cremation services in Urbandale, IA are there with details and information to help you out.