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Pros And Cons Of Direct Cremation Services

cremation services in West Des Moines, IA

If you are thinking about using direct cremation services in West Des Moines, IA for a loved one, or even for your own pre-plans, it’s wise to learn all of the details. You might want to consider the pros and cons of the option, for example, and see which side wins. There’s no right or wrong reason to choose cremation, or even direct cremation, over other options. But here are some of the sides for and against the direct form of cremation to help you with the choice.

Pro: Low-Cost Option

Cremation overall is a much more cost-effective method than a funeral and burial service. Direct cremation, for example, is the most cost-effective. It’s the lowest cost option you can get when it comes to final services. If budget is of any concern, direct cremation can help you to accomplish meeting your loved one’s needs at a price you can afford. There’s nothing wrong with going for cremation just because you have a budget to stick to. It will still be an honorable choice.

Con: No Chance To Say Goodbye In Person

Some families might feel like with direct cremation happening soon after death, they didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to their loved one in the way they would have liked. There are no services before cremation happens since it is direct. That means no funeral and no visitation. Families might have the chance to witness the cremation, but the community as a whole won’t see your loved one to say that goodbye.

Pro: Allows Tons Of Options Later

Many people choose cremation in its direct form because of all of the options it brings to the table. It can free families up and allow them to have an option they might want after the cremation process is done. For example, it takes away the timeline pressures so families can have memorial services whenever they feel ready to move forward with plans. It also opens up final resting place options as people can scatter, bury, or even keep ashes.

Con: Might Feel Too Fast

Direct cremation does happen fast—within a few days of a person’s death. It needs to be something you are sure about before you sign on for it. Cremation of any kind is a permanent process that cannot be reversed. Your loved one has needs that have to be met and direct cremation can meet them, but it will be soon after their death.

cremation services in West Des Moines, IA

When you are thinking about different kinds of cremation services in West Des Moines, IA, there are reasons to go with full cremation and reasons to go with direct cremation. Both are honorable and respectful, you just need to figure out what works best for your family and what your loved one might have appreciated the most. Talk to the professionals, go over the packages, and see what feels like the best fit for everyone involved. They are there to answer any questions you have.