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Attending A Visitation At A Funeral Home In Urbandale, IA

funeral homes in Urbandale, IA

When you lose a family member or friend, you need to come to terms with their death and that means visiting funeral homes in Urbandale, IA for the services. There are a variety of different services that the professionals offer and one common traditional service is visitation. This service takes place before a funeral, or before cremation in some cases. If you have never been to visitation, or if it has been a long time, you might want to know some of the details so you can feel more comfortable with the process as a whole. Here are a few such details.

The Event Is An Open House With A Range Of Times

When you hear about the visitation, you will hear that it is happening from 1-3 or another range of hours. You don’t have to arrive right at the start or stay until the finish. Instead, you can visit any time you want to within that time range. The open house feel means you can come and go as you please. Most people come sometime in that time frame and they stay for 20-30 minutes. Some immediate family members might stay the whole time, but no one else needs to. In fact, it can be a burden on the family if you overstay.

Attire Is On The Casual Side

While you won’t want to show up in shorts and tank tops, you also don’t need to wear a suit or dress. You also don’t have to stick to dark colors. Visitation services are much more casual in nature. You will want to remain respectful, but you don’t have to dress in quite the same manner as you would for a traditional funeral.

Gifts Are Appreciated

It is not required, but you can bring a gift to the funeral home for the visitation service if you want. You can bring flowers for the funeral, a card with money in it, a peace lily plant, or any variety of other things. Gifts are a tangible way of showing your sympathies to the family and they will appreciate your support. They also aren’t something you have to do as the family will feel your support simply in your presence. Take the time to visit a funeral home and order flowers for your loved one as gift. The visitation is an important part of fulfilling their last wish, so think about what they would want most in this difficult moment before you send them off with something beautiful as homage from one person who understands how much pain there must be going on inside our hearts when we lose someone close like that – don’t just plant some daisies or roses.

It’s Optional To Approach The Casket

There really are no things you have to do when you attend a visitation. It’s always nice to talk to the family and let them know you are sorry for their loss. But you certainly don’t have to approach their loved one’s casket unless you feel the need to do so. If you are going to support the family, or feel uncomfortable in any way, it’s okay to stay back and not go up to the casket during this event.

funeral homes in Urbandale, IA

Visitation services happen on a regular basis and funeral homes in Urbandale, IA is here to help you through such events if you are going to attend one. Give them a call for any information you need beforehand.