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Other Options For Funeral Home Gifts Other Than Flowers

funeral homes in Des Moines, IA

The most common gift that people send to funeral homes in Urbandale, IA for any final service is a flower arrangement. Flowers are always a nice gift and they are very thoughtful and meaningful. However, flowers wilt away and you might want your family to have gifts that will last longer. There are lots of other options to consider and if you are the one arranging the service, you can request certain things in lieu of flowers, if you have other ideas. Here are some of the many options you can consider.

Gifts To Charity

While flowers are nice, they are costly and they die away. Gifts to charity, however, can keep on giving and can be a great honor to your loved one and to your whole family. You might ask people to, instead of sending flowers, donate funds to a certain charity. Perhaps there was a charity that your loved one always donated to and you know they would appreciate others doing the same. Or maybe you choose a charity that pertains to an illness your loved one had to further research in that area. There are lots of good options. You could even leave it open-ended and ask people to donate to their own favorite charities in your loved one’s honor.

Items For Non-Profits

It might be a nice gesture, and an honor to your loved one, to collect items for a non-profit organization. If your loved one adored the fact that a local hospital gives teddy bears to sick children, have everyone bring a new bear so you can donate in bulk to that program. Try to do something that lines up with what your loved one would appreciate and when you donate to a non-profit in that way, you can’t go wrong.

Final Services Funding

Funeral services can cost a lot and even if you have cremation and a memorial, the basics might be beyond your cost reach. Ask people to donate funds to the family in order for them to be used to cover final services. People are often honored to help meet your loved one’s needs. If they know you need funds for the final services, they will likely be most generous. We all know how important it is to find the right gift for someone who has passed away. Flowers may be beautiful, but they don’t always fit what people need or want when dealing with their final arrangements; this can make sending flowers seem like an unacceptably insufficient gesture in some circumstances That’s why we offer our services of finding appropriate gifts from pre-owned furniture items such as tables and chairs – which will never have been used by anyone before! This way you’ll get maximum value out your funeral budget without compromising on quality.

Volunteer Time

Time is a precious commodity today and perhaps you would prefer for your friends to donate time instead of anything monetary or tangible. Suggest a certain non-profit in the area that takes volunteers or ask everyone to volunteer wherever they choose in your loved one’s hours. That kind of ‘donation’ can be just as precious and sometimes even more needed than offering funds and other donations.

funeral homes in Des Moines, IA

When you have to work with funeral homes in Urbandale, IA on a loved one’s final services, you get to decide upon every detail. One thing you might consider is asking for something else outside of flowers as a gift to honor your loved one and support your family.  For someone who has everything, it is always important to show your love and respect for others. That’s why flowers are the perfect gift – they’re inexpensive yet meaningful! Funeral services can be very touching as well so make sure you attend if there’s a person in need of support or guidance during this difficult time. The professionals can talk through the options with you until you figure out what’s just right for you.