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What Affects The Cremation?

cremation in Urbandale, IA

Various things will affect the cremation in Urbandale, IA and how much it will cost you to complete the procedure. Because multiple factors affect cremation, you’ll find that it can be difficult to learn why the cost is what it is. As such, we have some information that you should look at before deciding if cremation is the right move for you.

You Cannot Have Any Medical Devices

Medical devices and cremation won’t mix, and you can’t have any if you decide to cremate yourself or others. For instance, you can’t have any hearing aids or pacemakers. These won’t work with the procedure, and the pacemaker can explode. Before you have your loved one cremated, this is something that you will have to consider seriously.

Body Weight Affects The Cost

You should know that there is no weight limit for cremation, but your weight will play a part. Many people don’t consider this fair, but body weight will play a factor in determining costs. The heavy bodies are more complicated than the cremation process, affecting how much you need to pay. In addition, there are other regulations that you’ll have to be aware of.

How You Wish The Cremation To Go

Another factor you’ll need to consider is how you want to be cremated. You can choose fire or water, and this is what most people don’t know. Liquid cremation and eco-friendly cremation are two new factors that come into play. Liquid cremation involves the use of water at a specific temperature and pressure. In contrast, a green cremation will employ potassium hydroxide to help the body decompose in the most natural way possible.

The Timing Is Mostly The Same

The timing for cremation is similar as well. No matter what you’re dealing with, cremation should only take a few hours. Because that’s the case, you’ll find it doesn’t take as long as you think to have your loved one cremated. In addition, you’ll find that the home will ensure that they are placed in a lovely urn of your choosing. Many people love that you can utilize multiple colors and designs to honor your loved one’s unique personality and what they liked when they were alive.

What Do You Want To Have Done?

Another factor that will affect cremation is the services that you want to be done. If you intend on having a viewing, memorial service, and full-service funeral, you’ll find that the costs add up quickly, and you might end up paying far more than you thought you would. Other services that can add to this process are flowers, decorations, and other things of that nature.

Cremation Is A Good Choice

cremation in Urbandale, IA

Cremation Urbandale, IA is viable for you and your loved ones if you want something quicker and easier. In addition to this, the cremation will go smoothly, and you’ll have no issues for your family. This creates a gentler funeral plan for your family, and the urn can be taken home immediately so the grieving process can begin.

Things About Cremation That You Don’t Know

Cremation in West Des Moines, IA

Cremation in West Des Moines, IA is something that has been around for thousands of years. Many people think they know everything about cremation when they don’t. However, we can show you a variety of facts about this process that you don’t know. This can make your decision on whether or not to cremate much easier.

You Have Multiple Options For The Remains

When you begin thinking of what you can do with the remains, you can have various options. You can place them in an urn that looks like an instrument or other items. You could also turn your loved one’s ashes into jewelry, or you can identify their ashes inside a stone.

Pet Cremations Happen Too, And Frequently

It may be a simple idea, but people cremate pets as well. It is a popular means of disposing of a pet’s body, and like human remains, you can turn them into diamonds or keep the urn with you no matter where you go. This is a lovely way to honor your pet because they’re also precious to you and deserve that recognition.

The Legend Is True When You Visit

If you travel to the happiest place on Earth and chances are you will, you’ll realize that the legend about scattering ashes is true. If you hear someone say HEPA cleanup, that means someone scattered ashes, and someone will go clean it. Studies found that a particular haunted ride is the most significant area for depositing remains. You should never attempt to do this. They don’t like it, it’s forbidden, and you can get permanently banned.

Celebrities Have Given Us Unique Ideas

Celebrities have done exciting things with their remains or the remains of their loved ones. For instance, some journalists had their cremated ashes blasting into the sky and then had a firework show with the remains. Another celebrity decided that they would send their loved one’s ashes into the ocean or space. These ideas are innovative and fun while creating great ideas for how to honor your loved ones.

Only One Body Gets Processed At A Time

Only one body will get processed at one time. The machine used to cremate bodies can only fit one body simultaneously. People believe that they can do more, but machines can’t handle anything beyond one body. The device can also burn one body simultaneously that it would take you to watch a long movie. The remains will weigh about the same as a bowling ball at the end of the process.

The Cremation Process Is Simple

Cremation in West Des Moines, IA

The cremation in West Des Moines, IA process is simple, and most people find it a viable way to dispose of your loved one’s remains. As such, you will find that almost every country in the world employs this as a way to honor the dead. Because of these options, you’ll see that governments across the globe use this method almost exclusively at over ninety-five percent. If you join them in this decision, you’ll give your loved one a good funeral plan.

A Time When Funerals Were Viewed Differently

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While funerals are a large procession now and have intricate detailing and arrangements, it wasn’t always this way. In ancient times, you would find that funerals were either very small or significantly large, depending on the culture that you came from. As such, you’ll see that the area or period that you lived in would highly impact what type of funeral you had. Now, we have a funeral home in Urbandale, IA to help, which truly makes all the difference.

It Used To Be Common To Share A Coffin

In the past few centuries, a funeral would be different because if you needed a coffin, you might have to share one. If your family could not afford one for yourself, this was an issue you would face. If this were the case, you would be brought from your home to the churchyard in a community coffin, and if you needed to be buried in a coffin afterward, it might have been one that was already used by someone else. The other scenario is that your body would have been put in with someone else who was family. Many believed this was a loving gesture, showing that humans have always tended to care for each other.

Medieval Farm Techniques Created Our Cemeteries

Another thing you’ll be able to see in today’s times that we can thank the past for is the cemetery burials. These burials are placed in alignment with a medieval furrow or ridge. This means that a cemetery is established upon the troughs and peaks in our landscape because of the medieval farming or plowing they used to do daily. Many people are incredibly surprised by this fact because they don’t think that a system from centuries ago would be able to stand the test of time and help the methods that we use today.

They Would Send Off Their Loved Ones In A Different Way

Back then, many people had a belief system different from the one we have now. In particular, mourners turned over a picture of their loved one or covered the mirror, believing that that would help them pass on to the next life more easily. Other cultures adopted the method that you couldn’t cry when someone was about to pass because it was believed that the soul would hear it and be unable to find its way. That would turn out to be the most difficult thing to endure because keeping their tears at bay was incredibly difficult. However, because this is what they believed, they would force themselves to wait.

funeral home in Urbandale, IA

Everyone Thinks Differently

Everyone thinks differently when it comes to funerals, and the choice will ultimately come down to what you feel you need to have with your or your family. This is where talking to the funeral home can genuinely come in handy. Because of their expertise, you know about being sure that you have a funeral home in Urbandale, IA director that can genuinely help you accomplish what you need to while being caring and supportive at the same time.

The Truth About Funeral Homes

funeral home in West Des Moines, IA

Everyone seems to want to know the inner workings of a funeral home in West Des Moines, IA, and we have some interesting tidbits you might enjoy. While many think the funeral home director is someone who has a fascination with death, you’d be wrong. They have a passion for life and helping the people left behind. Curious about the things they see daily? Keep reading our list below!

The Body Is Not Moving

Many myths surround the body and what it does after death. As such, you’ll see that many people wonder about hair and fingernails as well as other issues. You’ll find that the nails and hair do not grow after death. This is a completely false myth. In addition to this, the body does not sit up or do anything else when you’re deceased is brought to the home.

They Are Not Frozen

Another myth is that bodies are stored like frozen vegetables, and that’s not true either. The body will go through an embalming process, meaning they don’t need to be kept on ice. However, if you don’t decide to embalm, that changes the game as the body decomposes faster.

Embalming Isn’t Always Required

Embalming is only required when people are going to visit the body. This means that you have chosen to hold a viewing where people can touch the body. You don’t want disease or biohazards to occur, so the body is embalmed so you can be safe. This way, you get to see your loved one before they’re buried.

Mourners Used To Stop The Clocks

One tradition that is different from today is that the funeral mourners used to stop the clocks at a funeral or when someone passed away. They believed it would stop bad luck and symbolize the loved one’s passing. People would also cover mirrors or ensure that every portrait of the deceased was turned over.

We’re All Roommates

During the medieval period, churches had community coffins. These were used to transport people to the churchyard from home. For a minute, your body could lay where hundreds had before you. Let’s hope everyone was placed in the coffins after they were cleaned.

We Don’t Know Everything About The Past Yet

For almost a century or more, no one knew what ancient Britain used to do for their funerals. There were many theories over time, but the evidence was practically invisible. Human remains were in places like Yorkshire but couldn’t be found anywhere else. Talk about a mystery.

funeral home in West Des Moines, IA

What Do You Think About Funerals?

Now that you’ve seen the trends of the past and what people used to do, what do you think about funerals? We’ve also shown some modern additions to showcase how things have changed in recent years. You can see that the embalming process is more involved, and we bet you’re relieved that the body doesn’t sit up like you thought, right? Instead, you can know the facts from fiction and be prepared when you have to plan your funeral and questions to ask the funeral home director in West Des Moines, IA.