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Tips For Visitation Services

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Since more people are having cremation services in Urbandale, IA, there aren’t as many visitation services to attend. Families can combine visitations and cremation with more of a full cremation service instead of direct cremation. Visitation can be done before the cremation process is completed. However, it’s more common to combine visitation with funeral services. Either way, if you are invited to attend a visitation, here are some tips to consider so you feel more comfortable with the proceedings.

Come And Go As You Please

You are going to see a range of times listed for a visitation service, unlike memorial and funeral services. That is because they are more of an open house situation. You can come and go as you please during that time frame. Most people stay between 20 and 30 minutes during that time. In fact, you don’t want to overstay of that can put pressure on the family as well. Come whenever you can during that time frame and stay long enough to say goodbye, talk to the family, and visit with a few others that might be there.

Casual, Respectful Attire Is Okay

Funerals are formal affairs and a certain level of clothing is expected. But when you attend a visitation, you can wear something casual, as long as it’s respectful. Many people stop in on their way to or from work or during a break, for example, and that works just fine. You don’t have to wear something formal or dark in color, but you still want the clothing to be conservative to remain respectful.

There Are No Casket-Approaching Requirements

Most of the time at a visitation, there will be an open casket. That’s not always the case, but the main purpose of a visitation is for people to see the person who died, get closure, and say goodbye. If you knew the person and you want to approach the casket, so be it. If you are coming to the visitation more to support the family, there are no requirements about approaching the casket. You can stay back, visit the family, and pass on your condolences. Even if you did know the person who died, if you are uncomfortable going up to the casket, you don’t have to.

Talk To The Family Present

One of the nice things about a visitation is that the immediate family is often there for the entire open house event. It gives them a chance to talk to people, gather support, and see more people than they might at the actual funeral. It’s customary to share your condolences at the visitation and to let the family know you are there.

Gifts Are Acceptable

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You don’t have to bring a gift to the visitation, but the cremation provider in Urbandale, IA says that it’s never required. You can take something to the funeral instead, send something directly to the family’s home, or just allow your presence and support to be enough. If you do want to take something to the visitation, you certainly can.

No One Wants To Make Mistakes In Planning Funeral Home Cremations

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Everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of human nature. But while some mistakes are small, like wearing shorts when it’s really too cold outside, others are things you will regret long term, like not choosing the right services with a funeral home in Urbandale, IA for a loved one when they pass on. No one wants to make mistakes on a loved one’s services and the professionals will help you to avoid those big mistakes that cause regret and further grief later on. Here are some of the mistakes people have made and how you can avoid them yourself.

Using The Wrong Funeral Home

The very first decision you will need to make is which funeral home you will use for your loved one’s services, and it’s a huge choice to make. While you might feel pressure to choose fast, because your loved one has needs that have to be addressed, you do deserve to spend some time researching and reviewing the options so you can get the professionals you need for this process. The funeral home you use can make or break the rest of the process before you so choose with great care.

Avoiding The Budget

When you buy a house, or a car, you have a budget in mind. You know what you can afford and you look in that price range and not beyond. While funerals aren’t as big of an investment, you still need to know what you can afford to spend on the process. If you don’t put a budget into place, you might end up buying certain products and services based on your emotions, because you want nothing but the best for your loved one, and then, once the bottom line adds up, you realize you can’t afford everything you wanted. Having a budget, and letting the professionals know what it is, really is the way to go.

Not Taking Time With Choices

While there is a timeline on things when you are putting together funeral services, you still can take time with the decisions you have to make. You don’t have to choose the casket in five minutes, but rather you can look over options, talk to family, and even sleep on the choice for a night to ensure you are making the right decision. Even little choices are going to add up to be a big deal and you deserve to be certain about each one you choose for your loved one.

funeral home in Urbandale, IA

There are plenty of mistakes that could be made, both large and small, and you are going to want to feel confident in all of the choices you make. Ask yourself what your loved one would have wanted and do your best to make choices in that way. Keep in mind that you really are doing your best with the situation you are in. The professionals at the funeral home in Urbandale, IA are there to help you with he options you have to consider.

Funeral And Cremation Facts You May Not Know

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You have probably attended funeral home or cremation services in Des Moines, IA in the past and perhaps you have even had to plan such services for a family member or two. But there are things that the experts know that you may not have recognized as of yet. When you are faced with more planning, or you want to plan your own services ahead of time, it’s nice to know some of the things that not everyone realizes so you can make the right decisions.

Embalming Is Not Required

You might think that embalming is something automatic that takes place after someone dies, but it’s actually a completely optional service. Most people use it if they are going to have a visitation for their loved one, and that makes sense. The purpose of embalming is to preserve the body for such things. But if you are having a closed casket, are skipping the visitation service entirely, or are going with direct cremation, there’s really no need to have embalming done. It can help you to avoid costs if you skip that service.

Cremation And Funerals Can Co-Exist

You might assume that if you have a cremation done, for yourself or a loved one, that you can’t have a funeral. The two are an either/or situation. But that’s not the case at all. Full cremation services allow you to have a visitation and funeral first, then followed by cremation. Or, if you go with direct cremation, which means no services beforehand, you can have a memorial service after that feels more like a funeral.

Memorials Can Be Held Anywhere

With funerals, people are often restricted to churches or funeral homes and those are always good locations for such events. But with memorial services, while you can still have them in those convenient locations, you can also hold them anywhere else you might like. Some families have started having them at home, in parks, and in any other location them appreciate. It’s nice to have those options to personalize the services.

Eco-Friendly Options Are On The Rise

Everyone is concerned about the environment today and you can take those concerns all the way to the end of life and do things in an eco-friendly manner where final services are concerned. You can, for example, get a biodegradable casket or urn that will dissolve or break down naturally in the earth. You can skip embalming to avoid putting harmful chemicals in the ground. There are lots of options and the funeral homes can go over them with you. Make sure you tell them that you want to stay as eco-friendly as possible and they will help to steer you in those directions.

cremation services in Des Moines, IA

When you are working on final services for a loved one, or trying to plan your own cremation services in Des Moines, IA, it’s nice to know all of the details, including things you didn’t know before and not everyone else recognizes. It can help with decisions and confidence in making them.

Funeral Home Cremation Pro Ideas For Gifts For The Grieving

Funeral homes in Des Moines, IA are there to help people who are going through a hard time after the death of a family member. It is their goal to take care of the needs of someone who has passed on, but also to support the family. They will also help those who are supporting the bereaved with ideas and suggestions. If you know someone in your life who is going through a hard time, you can contact the professionals for ideas of things you might send to the grieving to let them know you care.

Choosing The Gift

The most popular thing to send someone who is grieving is a flower arrangement or plant. Flowers are nice in the background of a funeral service as they can help decorate the space and remind the family of the people who love and support them. A plant is a nice option because the family can take it home (or you can send it directly to their home) and they can care for it and remember their loved one as well as the way you supported them during this hard time.

For funeral homes and cremation services, flowers and plants are the most popular grieving gift. They make a nice gift because they can help the family to decorate the service. Plants are nice because they last and your friend can take the plant you sent home to remember your support, and their loved one. On a less positive note, however, they will likely be receiving flowers from almost everyone who attends the funeral. If you want your gift to stand out and not be generic perhaps it is better to bring flowers accompanied by something else.

If you aren’t as close to the family, but still want to show their support, you could just send a sympathy card, which is always a nice gesture. You don’t have to say a lot, just be sincere. Let them know you are sorry for their loss and have been thinking of them and they will appreciate it. Another thing people often do is put some money or a check in the card. The family can use that for the funeral if they need the funds in that way. Otherwise, people often create a memorial fund and donate the money to a charity of their choice.

Offer Your Support

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Whether you send a gift or not, another thing you can do is offer your support before, during, or after the final services. You could offer to help serve at the reception after the services or you could even do something like invite your friend out for coffee so they can vent their emotions. If you want other ideas for ways to help, or gifts to send, you can contact funeral home in Des Moines, IA at any time for information. These professionals want to see people surround the bereaved in any way they can to help support them with love and care.