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Cremation Packages Include Everything

cremation services in West Des Moines, IA

Even if your loved one didn’t make their own final service plans, you might know that they wanted cremation services in West Des Moines, IA. When they pass on, you can take those final wishes and make them become reality for that special person. You will need to find a cremation provider and go through the cremation packages they offer. One of the nice things about cremation is that even if you get the most basic package, it’s going to include everything you have to have for that loved one’s final service. You can, of course, add other things to that package and customize whatever you’d like. But having the package itself is all you have to have. Here are the things that it will include:


One of the immediate needs your loved one will have is for transportation from the place of their death to the cremation facilities. That takes special vehicles and professional care and the people you hire will take care of that through the cremation package you have chosen. That comes included with whatever you decide as they know it’s going to be necessary for any individual.

Planning Care

Even if you know what your loved one wanted, you’re going to need a little time to get those plans into place so you can ensure they are getting what they wanted. While you are making those plans, the cremation providers will care for your loved one with dignity and respect. You know they are in good hands, and you can have peace of mind over that fact.

The Cremation Itself

The biggest expense you will have as part of the package is for the cremation process itself. That’s the part of the process your loved one told you they wanted, and you want to ensure they get it. Once the paperwork is complete, they can proceed through the cremation process, which is covered in the package you chose.

A Simple Container Option

Some families like to choose an urn for their loved one and that’s perfectly acceptable, yet it’s nice to know that when you have a cremation package in place, your loved one will have a simple container that they can use for their remains after the cremation process. That simple container is no more than a cardboard box, but it will work fine as a container for remains and can allow you extra time to figure out what you want.

Everything Necessary

cremation services in West Des Moines, IA

You might worry about getting your loved one’s needs met after their pass on, but when you choose a cremation package for them, you know that you are getting everything necessary for the process in one place. That makes it easy, straightforward, and simple. Once you have that cremation package, you can take all the time you need to investigate other options around cremation services in West Des Moines, IA, like a customized urn, a memorial service, or anything else you might want for that family member. The professionals at Iles Funeral Home are here to go over the packages with you and we can also go over other options with you.

Funeral Home Employees Can Help

funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA

When you contact one of the funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA, you know that you are getting help for a loved one who has passed on. They have needs that they cannot address themselves, but you can take care of those things for you with the help of the professionals you have chosen. There are a number of things the experts are going to help you with and if you need more than they offer upfront, just ask. Here are some of the things you know you will get as you traverse this difficult process.

A Free Consultation

The first thing you can get from the funeral home professionals is a free consultation that can help you to decide if you want to use those experts for your loved one’s final services or not. This consultation can take place over the phone or in person at the funeral home. If you want to meet with them in person, you can also take a tour of their facilities, which can help you decide what you want to do as well. That consultation allows you to get the information you need from those professionals to help you move forward.

Time To Decide

Whether you know what you want for your loved one right away or not, the funeral home professionals are going to give you the time and space you need to make those important decisions. They won’t pressure you into anything and they also won’t push you to decide anything before you are ready. You have the opportunity to ask them anything you need so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

Answer Questions

Whether you have organized final services yet or not, you are going to have questions that you need to have answered and that’s something you can get from funeral home professionals at any time. They want you to have the information you need to make the right decisions every step of the way. Ask questions over the phone, in person, or by email and that can help you to get what you need.

Setup For Services

After you decide what you want for the final services, the professionals can set the service room up for you and ensure that everything is in order. They want you to have time to grieve and be with your family on the day of the service and they don’t want you to have to worry about arriving early for any kind of set up.

Run Things Behind The Scenes

funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA

While the funeral or cremation service is taking place, you are going to want to know that things are being handled. If anything comes up, the funeral professionals are going to take care of things behind the scenes. You might not even know there was an issue since they are going to handle as much as they can for you.

The professionals at funeral homes in West Des Moines, IA want to handle as much as you want or need them to. Simple ask and they are there for you.

Talking Reasons Behind Your Cremation Plans

cremation services in Urbandale, IA

Thinking about the end of your life can be pretty hard, but if you have decided that cremation services in Urbandale, IA are what you want for yourself, then you can make those plans with a funeral and cremation provider at any time. However, either before or after you put plans into place, you might want to figure out how to talk to your family about your final wishes. While they should respect what you want, it is often nice to have reasons in place to go that direction so you can explain what you want—and why. Here are a few reasons you might like the idea of cremation.

It’s A Low-Cost Option

Funerals cost quite a bit and if you like the idea of saving money instead of spending it, cremation services might be the right choice for you. Many people that plan their services ahead of time also want to pay for those services so their family members don’t have to worry about the plans or the costs. You may only be able to afford cremation and that’s okay. Or, even if you can afford either, you might like the low-cost element so you can save money to give to your family in the future instead of spending it on a final service.

The Timeline Flexibility

Traditionally, people are used to having final services a few days within a person’s death. That is what has to happen with a funeral. However, if you decide to be directly cremated, you can take the timeline away on the rest of the process. You might ask your family to have a memorial service a month down the road, for example, so they can set a date and plan ahead, traveling where they need to be in order to be together. That flexibility can be a huge benefit to your family in the future.

Final Resting Place Options

Funerals end with a cemetery burial and there’s no way around that. If you like other ideas instead of a funeral and burial, there are other resting place options that can go along with cremation. You might choose cremation just because you don’t like the idea of burial. You can then look over the other options and choose something that makes you feel more comfortable.

Life Celebrations Are Nice

cremation services in Urbandale, IA

If you want people to celebrate your life instead of mourn your death, you might want to go with cremation so you have that option. Funerals are generally somber and sad, but memorial services can be whatever you want them to be. You can ask people to have a casual service that celebrates the good times they had with you instead of mourning the loss with something traditional and sad.

In the end, your wishes for cremation services in Urbandale, IA are what they are and with any luck, your family will be on board and will want to follow your desires. The professionals at Iles Funeral Home are here to help you set up the options in advance.

Which Funeral Home Is For You?

funeral homes in Urbandale, IA

If you have decided to plan out your own final services, there are plenty of things to think about. One of the first things you are going to consider is which one of the funeral homes in Urbandale, IA you are going to use to help you with the process. There are lots of options on the market and you want to think long and hard about which one is right for you. Since you are planning, you have time on your hands and that can help you to research, make calls, and visit the experts until you find just what you are looking for. Here are some items to look for in a funeral home that are right for you.

Fair, Affordable Prices

Any funeral home you consider should be completely open and honest about their prices. You deserve to know what they charge for things before you agree to using their services. They will hand over price lists whenever you ask and explain them to you in full. You need these prices so you can figure out who has fair, affordable prices and who is charging too much or too little.

A Good Location

You are going to want a funeral home with a convenient location. That means the funeral home is local, and perhaps located near the cemetery you want to use. It might be near restaurants and hotels so families can have a good home base for final services. Location convenience is subjective, and you need to figure out what works well for you and your family.

Services You Appreciate

If you know what you want for your final services, you are going to want to find a funeral home that offers those services. If you aren’t sure what you want yet, that’s okay, too, but you will want to find a funeral home with a long list of options so when you do decide what you want, they will likely have that as an option.

Compassion For Your Family

While you may not need compassion all that much right now since no one has passed away, you want funeral home professionals that are going to be compassionate to your family members. They are going to need that support when you pass on and they need to know that the people working on your services are treating you right through the way they treat the rest of your family.

funeral homes in Urbandale, IA

You don’t need professionals who will make plans for you, but rather funeral homes in Urbandale, IA that will support whatever you decide and implement those choices for you when the time comes. With time on your side, you can take as much time as you want to think through your decisions. Once you find the right funeral home to help you with the options, you can move forward with the choices from there. Contact Iles Funeral Home and ask any questions you have about the process so we can help you get what you need moving forward with your pre-plans.