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Cremation Services For Musicians

cremation services in Urbandale, IA

You enjoy music, most people do, but perhaps you just flip the radio on in your car or at home when it’s too quiet. You haven’t made music your life. It’s possible that you have one or more musicians in your family, though, and when you are tasked with creating cremation services in Urbandale, IA for one of those musical people, you may want to do things differently for them than you would an average music enjoyer. Here are some options to consider when you make the plans.

Display Certain Instruments

If your loved one was musically inclined and talented, they might have played one or more instruments. You can display those instruments at their final services to remind everyone about the music they loved. People might remember seeing them play that certain guitar you have at the front of the room and you can even place pictures of them around with that instrument in their hands to illustrate the point further.

Play Their Songs

If your loved one had songs they loved to play, there might even be recordings of them out there playing that music. If so, using those songs as the background for the service, or even as an integral part of the service is a great way to honor them. If you don’t have recordings, you can still play the songs you know they appreciated and loved. You could even incorporate special music with those songs to honor their love of those tunes further.

Invite Other Musicians

Musicians understand other musicians and it’s likely that your loved one had a circle of friends who loved music as much as they did. Perhaps they played in a community orchestra, had a band, or sang in the choir at church. Make sure the other people who loved music alongside your loved one are invited to their service. They would be happy to have them there. You could also use these individuals as insiders into what your loved one adored. They might even be able to provide some special music they know your loved one would appreciate.

Consider An Instrument As A Resting Place

cremation services in Urbandale, IA

While urns are the standard resting place for cremated remains, they are certainly not the only option. In fact, for a musical person in your family, it might feel more right to have them reside inside an instrument they adored. Many instruments have natural holes that can easily hold ashes. You could place their ashes inside a guitar, for example, and then hand that instrument on the wall of your home in a place of honor. There are plenty of other options to consider, depending on what your loved one liked the most.

When you are going to have cremation services in Urbandale, IA for a musician, the professionals Iles Funeral Home are here to help you create something special for your family and for the person who passed on. We want you to be able to honor them and the things that they loved the most during their lifetime, which just might be music.

Reputation Is Important In Funeral Homes

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No one wants to have to work with one of the funeral homes in Urbandale, IA because it usually means that a loved one has passed on. However, when it comes down to it and you need that kind of help, you are going to want to ensure that your loved one is in good hands. It will give you peace of mind to know that their needs are being met and that they are being treated with the utmost care and respect. Here are a few ways you can find funeral home options with high reputations.

Ask Around For Recommendations

Many people in the community don’t have to use funeral homes very often. You may have never been in charge of planning services yourself in the past. That is a good thing because it means your family members are healthy and alive. However, when you do need a funeral home, you don’t know where to start in finding one with a good reputation. One of the best things you can do is go straight to people you trust who have used funeral homes in recent years. Ask them about their experiences. Their recommendations can help you trust a funeral home based on the things they say about them.

Look At Outside Reviews

Looking at funeral home websites can tell you a lot about the funeral home’s services, location, history, and other such things. It’s important to look at those items. But you aren’t going to be able to learn the full truth about what people think there because, of course, they are only going to put up comments that are positive. Luckily, there are plenty of other review sites and people will be blatantly honest about their experiences. If they have a wonderful experience, they’ll say so. If something went wrong, even something minor, they’ll likely bring that up, too. If you can’t find anything negative anywhere, that’s a great sign about the funeral home you are looking into.

Check Social Media Posts

Most companies, even funeral homes, have social media accounts and that is a great thing to look into when you are trying to figure out what type of funeral home you might be dealing with. Check into their recent posts, but also scroll back a bit. Do they have anything posted that makes you feel uncomfortable? Or are all of their posts tasteful and nice? IF you appreciate their social media, that means they are really trying to do their best for the community and that will show up in their services for your loved one as well.

funeral homes in Urbandale, IA

You might feel rushed to find a funeral home in Urbandale, IA when a loved one passes on because they have needs and you want to meet them. But you should always take some time to look into reputation so you can trust the experts you end up hiring. The professionals at Iles Funeral Home are here to answer any questions you have to put your mind at ease. Your love done will be safe with us.

Worst Decisions You Could Make At Funeral Homes

Funeral homes in Des Moines, IA

Funeral homes in Des Moines, IA that have been serving the community for decades have seen all sorts of families come through with all sorts of situations. They have also seen services go perfectly and they have seen families make mistakes that they regret later. With that experience, they are there to help you, in whatever situation you are in, avoid some of the worst decisions others have made in the past. Here are some of those bad decisions and why you want to guard against them.

Ignoring The Person’s Wishes

Your loved one made it very clear that they wanted to be cremated so their ashes could be spread in a certain location. They may not have made their final plans themselves, but they trusted their family to carry out their final wishes. One of the worst decisions you can make is to go against that final wish and have a funeral and burial for your loved one, despite what you know they wanted. You will likely have regrets later and if any of your other family members knew what your loved one wanted and know that you went against it, there could be trouble there as well. It’s always best to honor what a person wanted if you know what that was. If you aren’t sure, the best you can do is guess based on what you know about them.

Not Having Final Services

Your loved one has certain needs and it’s best to meet those first. But once you have their needs lined up and met, you can have a final service for them, if you so choose. It is usually a bad decision to do nothing at all. You don’t have to go all out with a huge funeral that is open to the public. You can even have a small memorial with just family in your home. Having something to honor the person and to say goodbye is usually the best way to go.

Overspending Your Comfort Level

It’s always best to have a budget in mind for your loved one’s final services and once you have that cost parameter lined up, it’s best to stick to it. If you choose a bunch of expensive things because of your emotions and because you want the best for your loved one, that’s a bad decision to make. You will regret it later when you struggle to pay for what you lined up. Instead, let the funeral home know what you want to spend and lean on them for guidance as you choose products and services you can afford.

funeral homes in Des Moines, IA

Funeral homes in Des Moines, IA are there to help you through the planning process from start to finish. We want you to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit, but we also don’t want you to regret anything you did later on. The professionals at Iles Funeral Home are here to help with the planning and implementation of your loved one’s final services.

Considering Putting Off Cremation Service Memorials

Cremation services in Des Moines, IA

If someone in your family passes on, you might want to have some kind of final service for them to honor their memory. If you go with a funeral, that will happen within a few days of their death and is a nice way to give everyone closure and a chance to say a final goodbye. However, it can also add extra stress and burdens to your family as you try to plan something in short order. Cremation services in Des Moines, IA, on the other hand, come with options when it comes to the timeline of a memorial service. You can still do something right away, if you wish, but you can also put the services off for a week, two weeks, a month, or even longer. Here are some of the reasons why delaying the memorial service might work better for you.

Family Can Plan Their Travel

You might have some family in the area, but there are also members who have spread out over the years. Which is easier on them, traveling somewhere with only a day or two of notice or traveling somewhere with a week or more to plan things out? Giving them notice and the time to plan their travel, get time off work, and so on can ensure that you will have more family members who are able to make it. You may not want to rule someone out from attending the service just because they are far away and need time to get to your location. Instead, you can put the memorial off, plan a date, let everyone know, and give them all fair warning to get things in order.

To Plan Something Special

Memorial services that you have soon after someone’s death can be very nice and very special. But you might want to put together something that takes a little more time. Having more time to plan the service out can give you the opportunity to create something that feels more unique and special. When a family member passes on, you have a lot to deal with and the services being a bit off can give you the time you need to get everything you want prepared.

Grieve Before Planning

Cremation services in Des Moines, IA

Grief can hit hard and you might feel like you are in shock or that your brain is all foggy. It’s hard to make decisions about a memorial when your grief is that heavy and it might be better for you to wait a bit until the worst of the fog has lifted. Then, you are able to think clearly and put something together that your loved one would have appreciated.

If you decide on cremation services in Des Moines, IA for a loved one, you will first want to take care of their needs. That means getting a cremation packaged lined up for them. This package is going to include everything they have to have for the cremation process. Once the cremation is complete, you can worry about the memorial service with the professionals at Iles Funeral Home later.